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  • NK Speedcoach OC - Model 2 (WITH Training Pack)
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    First ever training tool designed specifically for Ocean Canoes. The SpeedCoach OC provides athletes with real-time, performance feedback with every stroke. (Heart Belt sold seperately)

    Note on the heartbelt: make sure your current heart rate monitor is compatible. Speedcoach OC is compatible with any Bluetooth® low energy (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE) heart rate belt)

    Training pack version: Add programmable workouts, detailed data recall, heart rate, LiNK compatibility, and upgradeable firmware to your SpeedCoach OC Model 2

    The SpeedCoach OC Training Pack adds these Software Features:

    • Programmable workouts based on time or distance - easy to set up, save and run
    • Data recall tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces
    • Heart rate (compatible with any Bluetooth® low energy HR Belt)
    • Stored data can be exported wirelessly to PC or Mac
    • Wireless data transfer of just go and workout interval data to PC or Mac for viewing and storage.

    SpeedCoach OC 2 Overview

    Introducing the ONLY training tool built specifically for OC! With nearly 40 years as the industry leader in paddle sport training technology for elite athletes, NK’s SpeedCoach OC 2 will make your boat more informed and cross the finish line faster. Train smarter and improve your performance with one simple tool.

    SpeedCoach OC Features:

    • On-Unit Data Recall: Data recall tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces on the water.
    • Two Flex Fields: Determine what real-time measurements are important to you and display them in the two bottom flex fields.
    • Wirelessly Upgradeable Firmware: The SpeedCoach OC is built on a modular and expandable platform. As new features and firmware updates are released, use the LiNK application to upgrade or update your unit.
    • Rechargeable Batteries: Rechargeable battery lasts multiple sessions.
    • Auto Backlight: Get more out of your early morning and late-night paddles with proper lighting.
    • Clock
                • Chronograph: 0 to 59:59:99 with auto rollback, 1/100th sec. resolution.
                • Stroke Rate: Rate input from accelerometer, autostart with first stroke, 6 to 99 1/2, 1/2-stroke resolution, update every stroke.
                • Stroke Count: Count input from accelerometer, autostart with first stroke, 0 to 999 with auto rollover, 1-stroke resolution, update every stroke.
                • Distance: Meters, kilometers or statute miles.
                • Speed/Split:Speed over land averaged and updated every stroke. May be displayed as either speed (meters per second, km/hour, or miles/hour) or split (time for 00 meters). GPS speed smoothing from 1-stroke to 8-strokes.
                • Memory: 18 hours of memory. Approx. 125 2000m workouts, or 55 5000m workouts.
                • Display: High contrast, sunlight readable monochrome liquid crystal display with 400 x 240 resolution and large, clear numerals.
                • Backlight: LED backlight illuminates the display in low-light conditions and triggers automatically when needed.
                • Case: Impact-resistant polycarbonate case with sealed acrylic window. Sun and saltwater resistant.
                • Controls: Four soft-touch buttons, large primary start/stop/clear button.
                • Battery: One rechargeable Lithium-Poly battery provides up to 8 hours of battery life (backlight dependent).
                • Battery Life Expectancy: Battery can be expected to last 300 full charge/discharge cycles. The expected cycles increase greatly for partial charge/discharge. After 300 cycles, expected capacity is 80% of original.
                • Power Conservation: Auto-off after 8 minutes of inactivity (no button presses or movement).
                • Size: Display unit measures 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 in (92 x 67 x 31 mm).
                • Control System Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g) with bumper.
                • System Weight: 7.2 oz with quick-wrap mount.
                • Water Resistance: Waterproof (IP67, NEMA-6).
                • Buoyancy: DOES NOT FLOAT.
                • Warranty: Two-year warranty on entire system.

                SpeedCoach OC Includes:


                • Lanyard
                • Adjustable Surface Mount
                • Floating Key Fob
                • Charger
                • Carry Case
                • Bumper
                • NK Leash Mount
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                                  • NK Speedcoach Heart Rate Belt - for SUP Model 2 / OC Model 2
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                                    Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach OC 2 and SUP 2 - only with the Training Pack


                                    • Heart Rate Belt for the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2/ SUP Model 2 with Training Pack. Wirelessly transmits heart rate data via Bluetooth® low energy.\
                                    • Compatible with LiNK - NK's connected environment of apps, web analytics and sensors.
                                    • Pairs with SpeedCoach GPS - OC Model 2 and SUP Model 2
                                    • Also Compatible with other Bluetooth® low energy Ready devices.
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