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  • 1mm Mens Thermoflare Front Zip Vest
    Boutique rapide

    Get ready to experience the ultimate in warmth and comfort with the 1mm Thermoflare Vest - the crème de la crème of vests on the market today! Whether you wear it as a core heat retainer under a wetsuit or on its own, this vest is designed to provide unbeatable insulation and comfort.

    And the best part? Despite being just 1mm thick, the Thermoflare zip vest keeps you just as warm as a 2-3mm insulator. So you can enjoy your water activities to the fullest without worrying about the cold.

    The Thermoflare liner is a revolutionary product that combines two different types of fabrics to provide optimal warmth and comfort for the wearer. The dark fabric is designed to absorb water while the light fabric is designed to repel water. This creates a soft and cozy insulation that feels like fleece on the skin. Together, these fabrics create a thermal barrier that keeps the wearer warm and dry in cold and wet conditions. The Thermoflare liner also has the advantage of drying very quickly, making it easy to maintain and reuse.

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