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  • On It Pro - Xtreme Cream - 8oz - High Performance Bottom Coating
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    High Performance Bottom Coating: use on Surfboards, Paddleboards, SUP's, Surfskis, Outrigger Canoes, Kiteboards, kayaks, or any poly or epoxy surface. Use only on the bottom surface on surfboards! Apply to fins as well.

    XC increases speed by reducing friction on the surface by over 15%!

    Xtreme Cream is FASTER THAN ANY HYDROPHILLIC (attracts water) COATINGS, SANDED OR ROUGHED UP FINISHES, 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Tested and used in the extreme conditions of high performance offshore racing community for improved performance and handling XC, is now formulated and packaged by On It Pro for surfers and paddlers.

    Use for better response, reduced paddle fatigue, access to bigger waves and more radical tricks. It resists salt and dirt and gives the surface a beautiful protective shine to keep your investment looking like new. Your sand finish will almost look like a gloss coat, but will be much faster!

    XC's exotic high-tech polymer base, aggressively bonds with the epoxy or polyester resin surface lasting over two months! Because XC is more slippery than water, it reduces drag and produces more speed for better performance.

    The surface will wipe down to an amazing shine keeping your investment looking like new!

    Applying Xtreme Cream

    1.) Shake bottle well.

    2.) Use damp sponge to apply, squeeze product liberally onto bottom and buff in circular motion into surface. Wipe on as you would do with a car wax. Rub in as much as needed to fully coat surface. XC can be applied with a buffer!

    3.) Cover entire bottom as well as fins and rails.

    4.) Let dry to haze. (Leave on overnight for best results). The longer it sits, the better XC bonds.

    5.) Wipe off with soft cloth. Instantly, you will see and feel the difference!

    XC High Performance Bottom Coating will last approximately 2 months depending on use of board.

    To Remove XC: Apply Blue Goo product per instructions.

    XC utilizes Aurora Marine's proprietary polymer VS721. It was originally developed for the marine and aerospace industries to reduce drag on boat hulls and the fuselage of aircraft. It was proven on the race course by winning the Offshore World Championships, National Championship as well as numerous other competitions and awards. Through continuing R&D we discovered that it had other applications including a substantial improvement in performance of Surfboards, Paddleboards and Outrigger Canoes.

    Independent tests proved that XC reduced drag on the planing surface by 16% at 20 mph. This means increased speed, agility and acceleration that is critical to high performance maneuvers necessary to win competitions. XC is also great for women and younger surfers with lower body mass and strength!

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  • On It Pro - Blue Goo - 8oz - Environment Friendly Power Cleaner
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    Environment Friendly Power Cleaner

    Blue Goo removes the toughest dirt, grime, stains, scuff marks, minor scratches, oxidation and salt build-up. It's deep cleaning action preps the surface for the application of Xtreme high performance bottom coating.

    Blue Goo utilizes Hypexine, another proprietary product developed by Aurora Marine. It is a heavy duty stain buster and oxidation remover that is gentle to the surface. Products with Hypexine are widely used in the marine industry to rid yachts and pleasure craft of stains that cannot be removed by other products. Use for: Surfboards, Outrigger Canoes, Kayaks or any epoxy or poly fiberglass surface.

    Applying Blue Goo

    1.) Remove old wax build-up by scraper. Residual wax and residue will be removed by the Blue Goo. For best results (on tough spots) use abrasive side of sponge.

    2) Shake bottle well of Blue Goo and apply liberally and scrub with damp sponge. Blue Goo will clean the bottom (or whole board) of wax, dirt, salt and prep your board for the Xtreme Cream bottom coating. Blue Goo has a light grit which will clean (but will not damage your board).

    3.) Let dry to a haze and buff with a clean soft cloth.

    4.) Now you are ready to apply Xtreme Cream High Performance Bottom Coating.

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  • On It Pro - Deck Pad Cleaner - 8oz
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    DECK PAD CLEANER cleans and refreshes Deck pads and Wetsuits by removing dirt, oil, waxes, grime, blood, grass stains, suntan oil and lotions, urine, slime, sebum, airborne pollution diesel slick, bird droppings, soot and much more.

    DPC is an advanced technology which is a non-toxic biodegradable green cleaner and is safe to use in and around the water and will not harm the deck pad, board or wetsuit.

    DPC is “Free-rinsing” and will not leave any residue and is water-based and water-activated and works with either fresh or salt water, though fresh water works best.

    Instead of attacking the grime like other cleaners it penetrates through it and separates it from the substrate so it can be rinsed away for a fresh and clean surface.


    1. Wet surface to be cleaned. 
    2. Spray on DPC
    3. Agitate it with a soft bristled brush for a minute or so to let it work.
    4. Rinse off while agitating with the brush to help get into all the nooks and crannies. 
    5. DPC is free rinsing so there should be no residue when rinsed off.
    6. Can be directly sprayed onto the dry pad, agitated and wiped away, but for best results, use water.
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