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  • Mocke Tail Flag
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    Mocke Tail Flag


    Your surfski, K1 or kayak qualifies as an extended load when transported on your car and therefore requires a red or orange tail flag to be attached during transit. To this end we have designed a universal MOCKE Tail Flag, our coolest most versatile answer yet for obeying the law!


    • Suitable for a wide range of surfski, K1, K2 and kayak models
    • Easily attached and adjusted
    • Bright orange and red colours adhere to traffic regulations


    • Always pull the Tail Flag draw string as tight as possible to avoid loosing your flag during transit.
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        • Mocke Life Line Leash
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          Mocke Life Line Leash


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          We believe a craft leash is one of the most essential safety accessories. That is how the MOCKE Life Line was developed, with very specific features and specifications.


          • High performance stainless steel buckle specifically designed to eliminate gate failure; no spring or pins to break
          • Simple PRESS+Connect mechanism
          • Rip-Release system for disconnecting in a hurry – just pull the red Velcro tab
          • Double swivel design prevents twisting and tangling
          • Lightweight, compact design
          • Extra strong construction to ensure ultimate reliability


          • Rinse your MOCKE Life Line with fresh water after every use to ensure continued optimal functionality.
          • Always inspect your Life Line before paddling.
          • Practice connecting and disconnecting the new PRESS+Connect Buckle before use.
          • The MOCKE Life Line is not designed for surfing.


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            • Airhead Throw bag with 50 feet Rescue Line
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              Rescue Throw Bag - 50' Rescue Line

              You'll be astonished how easy it is to throw this 50 ft. rescue line with incredible accuracy to a swimmer in trouble.

              Keep LIFE LINE accessible by hanging it from a boat rail or other convenient spot with the integrated strap with side release buckle.

              Easy to understand and implement directions with graphics are printed on the outside.

              Constructed of rugged bright orange, UV-resistant 600-denier polyester.

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            • Scotty Throw bag with 50 feet MFP Floating Line
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              Throw Bag - 50 feet x 9/32"

              660 lb test braided MFP polypropylene floating rope.

              Bright orange nylon and polyester self-draining bag that comes with adjustable strap and 3m reflective safety band.

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            • Onyx Throw bag with 50 feet Rescue Line
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              Rescue Throw Bag


              • 3/8" polypropylene floating rope
              • 1,800 lb tensile strength
              • Durable 600 denier coated polyester with vented mesh construction
              • Reflective material for increased visibility
              • Elastic glowstick attachment
              • Grab strap with buckle
              • Adjustable drawcord closure
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            • INNOVATIVE - Lighting Portable LED Stern Light w/Suction Cup
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              Battery Navigation Light

              • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
              • Molded one piece body construction
              • Shock resistant neoprene accents
              • Incandescent or LED available
              • Rated at 100,000 hours LED service life
              • LED uses 90% less energy than incandescent
              • Sealed heavy duty On/Off switch
              • Insert molded brass threaded mounting bushings
              • Removable lamp carriage assembly
              • 6.18" x 2.53"
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                        Navilight 360° S 2NM Portable Multifunction Navigation/MOB Light - White

                        The Navisafe suction mount light "Navilight 360° S 2NM" combines two successful Navisafe products into one - the Navilight 360° 2 NM and the Bendable Suction mount.

                        The Navilight 360° S 2NM is the ready to go Navigation light solution to be securely mounted on any kind of smooth and flat surfaces. The quick release suction cup releases with just one push of the lever so it can be stored quickly or mounted to another place or boat. Furthermore the suction cup can be used to hold a GoPro® camera (Hero / 2 / 3) when no light is needed - the mount is fully compatible!

                        Navisafe supplies a 3M VHB self-adhesive "landing pad" to securely attach the light on abrasive surfaces and the innovative curved "landing pad" to attach the light on inflatable boats.


                        • USCG Approval, 2 Nautical Miles
                        • 5 Modes: 360° All-round light, 225° Masthead light, 135° Sternlight, Flashing light, Anchoring light, Cabin light
                        • Includes dual function suction mount - holds Navi light 360° S or GoPro®/Action camera or any other accessory utilizing the mounting bracket
                        • Floats light facing up
                        • Submersible to 20m
                        • Corrosion resistant
                        • 3M VHB self-adhesive "landing pad" to securely attach the light on abrasive surfaces
                        • 3M VHB self-adhesive curved "landing pad" to securely attach the light on inflatable boats
                        • Nneoprene stow away bag
                        • Powered by three AAA batteries (not included)
                        • Size: H = 95 mm, O = 68 mm
                        • Weight (net): 139g

                        *Please note: Suction mounts are most suitable for short-term mountings - changes in temperature and humidity may make them lose their grip.

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                                  • NK Boat Light
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                                    NK Boat Light


                                    NK Boat Lights Overview:

                                    NK Boat Lights are handy, bright, “mini" boat lights. They include a built-in clip and come with an elastic loop and a zip tie to be conveniently attached to riggers, wing riggers and other suitable fittings. They can also be used for bikes, docks, stakeboats, launches, etc. Waterproof LED, powered by 3V battery (included), not a Coast Guard approved boat light, check local laws and regulations!

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                                                          • NAVISAFE - Navlight mini - Hands Free - Black
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                                                            Navlight Mini - Hands Free - Black

                                                            The "must have" lighting tool when boating and beyond. The Navilight Mini extends the hugely successful Navisafe range of portable maritime lighting products. The "Mini" is a perfect crossover between a diving light and a micro "key chain" light. It is so small that you will not notice that it is in your pocket or hanging around your neck. It is just there when you need it. This and it's five different modes, makes it a perfect lightning tool for almost anything. Navi light Mini is fitted with a Red night vision LED. It is simple to operate without turning the White LED on.

                                                            Examples of Usage: The Mini is a must have when boating or being outdoor. The light is waterproof down to 100M and will still work where most flash lights stopped working already.


                                                            • 1 white LED - 1 red night vision LED
                                                            • Waterproof 100M
                                                            • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)
                                                            • Compact and robust - tiny yet useful
                                                            • Fits perfectly in almost any pocket
                                                            • Size: L = 59mm, W = 39mm, H = 18mm
                                                            • Weight (net): 31g

                                                            Modes / approximate burn time:

                                                            • 1 red LED / 16 hrs
                                                            • 10% White / 12 hrs
                                                            • 25% White / 6 hrs
                                                            • 100% White / 2 hrs
                                                            • Flash White / 8 hrs
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                                                            • NAVISAFE - Navilight Glow Torch
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                                                              Navilight Glow Torch

                                                              Navisafe's handheld torch light features a 3W CREE LED lamp and glows in the dark for up to 8 hours, making it easy to find in the cockpit at night.


                                                              • Waterproof up to 200'
                                                              • 3 Modes: 25%/27 lumens, 100% 110 lumens, flashing
                                                              • Powered by 2 x AA batteries not included
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                                                            • SURFSTOW - SUPGLOW Underwater Light for SUP
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                                                              SUPGLO Underwater Light


                                                              When the sun goes down, the adventure is just beginning. Designed for stand up paddleboards, SUPGLO underwater LED lighting system illuminates the water around your board. SUPGLO LED lights attach under your board with heavy duty suction cup mounts. Mounts can also be used for GoPro cameras and other accessories. A 3M self-adhesive "landing pad" included for boards with textured surfaces to ensure secure suction cup mounting. Includes a tether system for security.


                                                              • Submersible to 20 meters
                                                              • USCG Approved
                                                              • Runs 12-15 hours with 2AAA batteries (Not Included)
                                                              • Corrosion resistant
                                                              • Floats
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                                                                        • SURFSTOW - Glo LED Headlamp
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                                                                          SURFSTOW - Glo LED Headlamp


                                                                          GLO Headlamp

                                                                          SurfStow's IPX6 Waterproof LED GLO Headlamp allows for increased visibility and exploration and optimal vision.



                                                                          • GoPro compatible to mount the lamp anywhere
                                                                          • Waterproof headlamp
                                                                          • Provides increased visibility and exploration for optimal vision
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                                                                                      • NAVISAFE Headlamp
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                                                                                        NAVISAFE Headlamp



                                                                                        The Navisafe Headlamp contains all functions needed to make it the Waterman's first choice: a red light to preserve night vision, a white floodlight to light the whole craft, and an ultra-powerful distance light shining up to 70M plus tilt function for exact and comfortable beam positioning. It weighs only 68g including the single AA Battery. The Headlamp is IPX6 classified and withstands heavy splashing and rain.

                                                                                        Navisafe Smart Mode Switch:

                                                                                        • Press and hold for 0.5s to activate the red light. If the red light is ON for more than 3 PRESS the switch again and the light turns OFF
                                                                                        • To activate the white light PRESS and HOLD for 0.5s and activate the red light, PRESS again quickly and enter into white light mode
                                                                                        • PRESS again quickly to get to the next mode
                                                                                        • In ANY mode: PRESS and HOLD for 1.5s to turn light OFF

                                                                                        Examples of Usage:
                                                                                        The Navisafe Headlamp is the best choice when a hands free operation is needed, for any kind of repair or maintenance on deck. Comfortable reading of the map or a book, either within the red light mode, preserving the night vision or within the 7 lumen Floodlight mode, making it bright and comfortable to read.
                                                                                        While fishing, leaving the hands free to set up lines, organize gear or all kinds of further use.


                                                                                        • Ultra bright CREE LED headlamp
                                                                                        • 5 lighting modes incl. red light
                                                                                        • Small and light - only 48g (without battery)
                                                                                        • Multi-position tilt function
                                                                                        • IPX6 waterproof
                                                                                        • Powered by one AA battery
                                                                                        • Size: L = 63mm, W = 37mm, H = 31mm
                                                                                        • Weight (net): 48g

                                                                                        Modes / approximate burn time:

                                                                                        • Red LED floodlight, 7 Lumen / 20 hrs
                                                                                        • White LED floodlight, 14 Lumen / 14 hrs
                                                                                        • White CREE LED distance light, 30 Lumen / 12 hrs
                                                                                        • White CREE LED distance light, 110 Lumen / 8 hrs
                                                                                        • White CREE LED flash light / 50 hrs
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                                                                                                      • Mustang Throw bag with 75 feet Rescue Line
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                                                                                                        The Mustang Survival Throw Bag is an essential part of our water rescue kit and a valuable tool for those first responders who have arrived to a water emergency.

                                                                                                        The Throw Bag is used after the victim has been stabilized with a flotation device. It is compact, lightweight, durable and easy to use.



                                                                                                      • 75' of 9mm multi-filament polypropylene rope
                                                                                                      • Mesh top for quick drying
                                                                                                      • Retro-reflective tape
                                                                                                      • Light stick holder
                                                                                                      • Quick release buckles
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